Surfs Up

Description: First things first, I sanded surfboard and put an underlying layer of black acrylic for the base coat. I sketched the outlines of my woman in white pastel with her wild hair representing the fruitful nature and beauty the ocean gives to our ecosystem. Second layer consisted of warm acrylic tones. No protective layering. […]

2013 Giraffe’s Snowboard

2013 Giraffe’s Snowboard Description: I bought an ex-pro girl’s trick snowboard. After removingĀ old bindings, I sketched double-headed giraffe figure. Then, I transferred blueprints to snowboard, painted the board with acrylic, and lastly, put a protective coating on top. I replaced binding with neon orange ones and took it to the slopes. Board is usable and […]

My mother once told me, “Find what your passionate about, then find what you are good at. Your profession should fall in the middle of that spectrum.” Hi. My name is Alynne Snow Powers. I’m a Southern California beach bum living in the heart of Austin, TX. After trucking it across the country, I altered […]

Senior Mural 2014

2014 Senior Mural Location: San Dieguito Academy (Encinitas, CA) Description: This mural was meant to mimic the chaos and energy of this particular hallway. The artist, Alynne Powers, wanted to leave her imprint on the walls of the school she called home for her high school years. Medium: Acrylic by Nova Color on Wall Size […]