Let Them Wear Red

In the Praxis philosophy module, I watched a video by Daniel Dennett called, “How to Think Like a Philosopher.” In this video he discusses the meaning of Intuition Pumps and how they affect philosophers. According to Dennett, intuition pumps are, “little stories that lead us to a conclusion… quite the persuasion machines.” This reminded me […]

El Sol 2016

El Sol 2016 Description: The El Sol festival is a huge volleyball tournament put on by the Eric Solie Foundation to raise money for local companies. Filled with beer, good eats, and a local competitive game participants are placed into Blind 4s teams starting at 9 am. Held in three locations around Austin, TX, each […]

Accepting to be “Less Wrong”

In a recent video by youtube philosopher SisyphusRedeemed called, “You Have No Idea How Wrong You Are” he discusses the egotistical ways of how humans view ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Initially his views seem pessimistic. He talks about how humans are the #1 species for getting things wrong, meaning we have a way of producing way […]

For Arguments Sake

Too many times I have sat at the dinner table letting the flow of conversation escalate into raging disagreements. These arguments last days, weeks, months of not communicating. When they do decide to talk again, it’s revolves back into a whirlwind of quarrels. Today, I sent a link to 5 of my family members regarding […]