We were asked to write a post on three pieces of advice that we found to be overrated. After doing some research and receding back to past discussions, I came up with three useless phrases that will not help the general public to be successful.

If you work hard in School, Everything will be ok

Wrong. The world is changing. Some of the most successful people in the world dropped out of college: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, etc… As stated in an article by Raghav Haran, the best way to get a job is to actually “show” the company what you’re worth by giving them a resume that is out of the ordinary through a project or presentation. Companies go through a multitude of resumes that are qualified yet have no zang. But, a resume that specifically solves their problems and shows (without training) that you are capable of making their company better will look better in the eyes of the employer.

If you’re talented enough, you can make it

Wrong. Being talented only gets you half of the way there. Hard work and determination make up the rest. Do you think Meryl Streep won those Academy Awards because she had an amazing ability to act? No. She had to read the script thousands of times. Research material to make her character real. Train. Work Train.

Forgive and Forget

The first part of this is true. It is important to forgive. The last is incorrect. First of all, your brain doesn’t have the capability to forget everything you have experienced. It may not become part of your conscious, but it will lurk in your subconscious. Regarding the act of forgiving and forgetting, you are most likely going to come across a similar situation in the future. It’s not smart to just forget your experiences, rather learn from them so you can react better down the road.

All these phrases are either outdated or illogical. Find good advice, and act on it rather than giving your time to nonsense.

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