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5 Quotes to Help Entrepreneuial Efforts

For a Module 2 prompt, I took quotes from three readings called, “Stop Asking Me About Your Personal Brand”,  “Secrets to Winning at Office Politics: How to Get Things Done and Increase Your Influence at Work”, and “Dealing with Office Politics, Navigating the Minefield”. Evidently, there were five quotes that struck a chord. From these readings, I will be able to understand social intelligence and incorporate that into my workplace.

  1. If the shark is feeding off you, you have taught them to feed off you

I visit the dog park occasionally with my terrier, Gus. Frequently, a timid puppy would enter at its owner’s discretion. It exhibits its “flight” mechanism and starts to bolt. Eventually, this induces the other dogs to chase. Due to groupthink, they pick on this puppy snarling, growling, and occasionally biting till the owners stop the fight. Animals have an internal instinct to sense fear. If this puppy were to hold its ground, and not freak out, the other dogs would respect it and leave it alone. Humans are no different. When we sense fear or insecurity, we will take advantage of it. Don’t let anyone take advantage if you. If you let a coworker take advantage of you once, he/she will most likely do it again.

  1. Be the person who is the producer, not the politician”

I hear a lot of political jargon about the failures of our president. These arguments usually result in bad mouthing or being close-minded to the other side. Especially on social media we flood the feeds with political videos, nasty articles, and raunchy photos. But the real question society needs to ask ourselves is who has the real power? When we vote for a president, it is likely the person we choose is determinant on what they say throughout the election process. Yet, history has proven presidential statements to be ultimate symbols of disappointment. If you truly pay attention to politics, you can find clear evidence our country is dictated by the other 535 politicians (435 house of representatives plus 100 senators).. To be successful in a business and understand how to get what you want, you need to be able to recognize who is in charge and set a goal to adopt the traits similar to that power figure. Don’t be the president who is just a slave to the 535.

  1. Be bigger than the box, rather there is no box at all”

When I joined a group of wranglers for a week to herd cattle in 2012, the nights consisted of sitting around the campfire and telling stories. One of the wranglers told a story about a guy who visited the ranch long ago. “He was a high-society sheltered man,” he said. “This man woke up from his box bed, looked at his box phone, went to his box to pee, poured cereal out of his box to eat, left the box he lived in, drove his box car, and arrived at work to his cubicle box.” This man came to the ranch and mocked the cowboys for their rustic life. Essentially, this was a story of comparing how his world of high class society was more limited than the wrangler’s life in Utah. His world manipulated him into being a simple-minded fool. The story resulted in a changed man, able to see outside of his box life. When I see statements like the ones above, it brings me back to that campfire story. I aim to not be defined by objects like the cubicle man. I aim to not be blinded by standard quo and accept others for how they choose to live their life.

  1. People like people who listen to them”

I have a close friend who calls me about once every month. On good days, she’ll ask about my life and how I’m doing in Texas. But most of the time, I’m listening to stories about her adventures. This is totally fine and I accept it. I don’t mind being a sponge for vocal banter. Regardless, as humans we are inherently selfish. We enjoy talking about ourselves rather than listen to someone talk about themselves. It’s more meaningful to us. This is why being a good listener is crucial to maintaining a relationship and building yourself up in the corporate world. You can use that information to build up trust and familiarity with that person. This can help you at work. Building those relationships with your boss, coworker, manager, etc… is key to moving forward in the corporate world.

  1. Ensure you have relationships that cross the formal hierarchy in all directions (peers, bosses, executives)

Similar to the quote stated above, creating positive relationships will improve your status at work. However, I feel this particular quote has the most value to someone who is in high position of a company. In a Forbes article by Joel Trammell called, “The Three Qualities a CEO Must Have to Succeed”, the final quality “caring”exhibits this quote well. It states, “Caring is about showing that the CEO puts the company before himself.” I believe respect of the people that work among you, regardless of their status, will help your company grow.

As I said before, these are my opinions of the best quotes from these readings. You might have a different opinion, go check them out.

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