Everyone has that one Uncle John who throws a fit about some trivial subject that has scored every family function. Or that Grandpa Frank who makes a racist comment at the dinner table that has every member cringe. Or that one cousin that is not quite there in the head, but we still love them (even though we wouldn’t be surprised if they performed some law-breaking act that would appear on the news). It is often  when “family” comes up during a conversation with friends, either laughter or astoundment circle each contributing individual. They are lucky. It seems only one or two family members grace their stories.

I score with 90% of my extended family who are absolutely nuts. They commonly act on mental insecurities that, more often that not, injure family bonds for sequential years.  

Most consider this a melancholy situation. I see it as an advantage. Equipped with years of calming down frantic meltdowns, being a listening ear for self-absorbed drama queens, and witnessing the collateral of countless arguments at the dinner table, it has allowed me to be able to recognize and understand different personalities in the relationships I have with friends, colleagues, and admirers. It allows me to pick out characteristics in people as well as predetermine their behaviors making it easier to surround myself with those who are mentally sane. Intuition is key. The human mind is a miraculous thing if one listens and analyzes correctly. A person’s tone, the words they choose, and, more importantly, their body language are all important indicators to how someone is going to react.

I believe this will be an essential skill for working in the music and entertainment industry. I will be working with lots of creative artists who need to express themselves. Indeed, the rumor is true: Artists tend be a bit nuts. They have wild ideas and big dreams…especially the good ones.

Even though these artists are difficult to work with, they are essential to making anything worth creating.

My goal is to harness this skill and put it into use at the workplace and within my personal life.

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