Call me Ma’am

It’s 2 o’clock on a Saturday. Brunch time. My partner, Evan, and I walk into one of our favorite spaces for brunch called, “Urban Solace” located in North Park. I needed quality food and nurturing glass of wine to recover from my night out at the Gaslamp with my crazy mother and her friends. As […]

A Lesson on Labels

My mother and I sat on the terrace of La Fonda’s in Baja, MX watching the surf rise and fall. Margaritas and Bloody Mary’s scattered the table. Leftover steaming tortillas sat waiting to be stuffed. A pompous rooster relaxed close by on a old rusty planter. I say to her, “I’m nervous. Evan called me […]

The Reason I Hate Navy

Ugh. Navy. I’ve always hated the color navy. When I ask people what their favorite color is and they respond, “Blue,” it drives me insane. Blue is the most popular color in current culture, thus, the least creative color. Popularity and creativity, typically, do not go hand in hand. Once something creative becomes popular, it […]