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Desert Hearts “Pink Mammoth” Block Party 2016

Description: The Pink Mammoth Block Party, a post-Desert Hearts extravaganza located in San Diego, California certainly lived up to its hype amongst the Burner community. Officials from (Company Name), put together a well-organized 21+ event that captured what it means to be immersed in a culture of vivacious human beings who accept the culture of creativity through art, connectivity of dance, and conscious understanding of good vibes. At first glance, the 1,500 population appeared to have come from Weekend 1 of Coachella, but after a few conversations with a friendly few, they managed to exhibit an eccentric and welcoming vibe. Apart from the vibe, the sets that ran from 12pm to 7pm by deep house/tech house artists was probably the best 7 hours I have listened to. Filled with synchronic, layered beats, each artist switched on and off throughout the day. Similar to Lightning in a Bottle, live artists and vendors scoured the back of the park for attendees to shop. All in all, the Desert Hearts producers managed to produce a quality festival in quick turn around time 2 weeks of the main festival.

When: Saturday April 24th 2016

Location: The event was held near the (John Hopkins) Airport near downtown, in a small park adjacent to the bay called Spanish Landing.

Security/Entrance: There were two lines: one to obtain a wristband stating (Pre-sale, at the door sale, or Artist/Vendor/Press) and a second to check for valid identification as well as unacceptable items.  Even though the fenced park was equipped with standard security (Let me check your bag please), there was no hostility towards attendees.

Bathrooms: Porter Potties were relatively clean. There was a sufficient amount for the size of festival.

Parking: Desert Hearts posted on Facebook that parking next to the festival would be limited and additional parking would be walking distance away from the festival in a dirt lot. My buddy and I went to the dirt lot and were bummed by the $10 fee. Blessed with haggling skills, I managed to score a spot next to the gated-off primary parking lot with a small bribe.  

How much money will you spend? The Presale tickets were $25 and At The Door tickets were $30. This event was Cash Only, which frustrated me since information like such should be posted on the Facebook page where the event was being promoted. I expect a festival to properly inform its attendees. Drinks were average California rates, which can always result in a substantial tab depending on gender and tolerance. I was appalled by the water bottle rate of $3.

AP Rating: 4.7 out of 5

What can they improve? It’s hard to accept festivals who don’t provide access to free water. Amsterdam just passed a law that requires festivals to have free water available. I wish the U.S. would do the same and help cut down medical attention.  Although the variety was more diverse, the artists produced art that was similar in style to Lightning in a Bottle. (psychedelic/visionary art). I would have brought in different artists with different styles to create more variety.

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