There is a lot of discussion regarding the question: Does math really exist? I personally think this is a bullshit inquiry to be asking. I recently watched a video by PBS Idea Channel discussing why individuals felt this way. Other sciences tend to have a some substance to real world application. With Biology, it’s the study of living organisms. Physics is the study of matter and energy. Chemistry is the study of properties and forms of matter. Math is is essentially the study of …math.They say math is just a figment of the human brain being able to quantify things. It doesn’t have any substance regarding how it relates to another part of the universe.

Here’s why I disagree. Just because it is a figment of the human brain able to quantify things does not mean it is non-existent. I listen to a lot of Bashar, and he concludes that our consciousness and brain are powerful tools. Our thoughts/dreams are figments of different universes given to us by external beings that flow through our subconscious. Whatever we perceive to be true is actually real. Therefore, math being a tool we use to quantify is potentially real.

This is a weird thought, but if you listen to Bashar’s stories about the way our subconscious works and how it applies to our life, it’s a completely bizarre but interesting way to see the world. The discussion of what is real and what is not is a common Q & A question his listeners ask him. Go check it out and see for yourself and leave comments regarding your opinion.

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