El Sol 2016

Description: The El Sol festival is a huge volleyball tournament put on by the Eric Solie Foundation to raise money for local companies. Filled with beer, good eats, and a local competitive game participants are placed into Blind 4s teams starting at 9 am. Held in three locations around Austin, TX, each court consists of five team pools. Competitors play until quarterfinals are determined then players head to Aussie’s Bar & Grill to finish off the tournament. During pool play, many participants and spectators bring kegs/food to share. When everyone congregates back to Aussie’s for finals, the shrimp broil, equipped with potatoes, corn, red beans, and rice commences. Those who were competitors have access to the food provided at Aussies, while spectators can pay to grab a plate. At the end of the day, the crowd sets up lawn chairs around the perimeter of the first court and cheer on the finalists.


Saturday May 21st 2016



515 S Pleasant Valley Rd

Austin, TX 78741


Aussies Bar & Grill

306 Barton Springs Rd

Austin, TX 78704



2200 Stratford Dr.

Austin, TX 78746

Security/Entrance: Anyone is allowed to come and watch this event. Only players who have payed the fee are allowed to play and experience the shrimp broil


Krieg: Restrooms are distant but walkable

Zilker: Restrooms are distant but walkable

Aussies: Restrooms in restaurants are usually relatively clean. Outhouses are also provided.


Kreig: No paid parking at Krieg. Easy to find parking early in the morning.

Zilker: Paid parking close to courts, free parking available on dirt field walking distance away

Aussies: Free parking near courts on Aussie’s premises, paid parking across the street at Hooters parking lot

How much money will you spend?

The cost for general entry to the tournament is $50. This includes a spot in the Blind 4, a goody bag, tickets for beer, and wristband for a shrimp.

For the Platinum Package, entry is $100 for shrimp broil, t-shirt, hat, goody bag, and tickets for beer.

AP Rating: 4.9 out of 5

What can they improve? El Sol is a great event. The quickness of turnaround time for games is great. Unfortunately, Open grade players tend to disrupt the fairness of the game. Although the teams are usually equal in match, these players can turn a team from being out in pool play to competitors in the finals. This is really hard to manage and always ends up happening in every Blind Draw.

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