For the month of April, I had adopted a good friend of mine to become my roommate. He is in the advertising/tech field and his job is to educate individuals on how to build their own WordPress site. Spending most of his days coding programs, maneuvering WordPress, and blogging, his website has been running for 2 years

“The thing is mom,” I explained on the phone, “his business failed twice. How do I know he’ll be able to pay rent?”

“Alynne, That’s not necessarily a bad thing,” she said.

In a reading by Rajesh Setty called, “25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself”, his #19th rule brought me back to this discussion. It was the Chapter, “Get Back on Your Feet Fast”. I believe this chapter is essential for entrepreneurs to read.

As a coach for a young girls volleyball team ages 14-17, the age group that excelled the most was the 14 year olds. Since they were the youngest of our club and had no experience, their capability to change was incredible. They weren’t influenced by bad habits like their older peers and they weren’t embarrassed to look silly in front of their friends. With each correction from the coaches, they took that knowledge and formed a great skill set as well as a great team.

Starting from the bottom and making mistakes will help you in the long run. If you have the capability to not let others opinions and your doubts stunt your growth, you can excel in anything.


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