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Financial Philosophy and the 5 Quotes of Justin Hales

During a recent group discussion with Justin Hales, a business icon in financial services of a company called GreenRock, we discussed the philosophy of money and what it means to different individuals. While hearing his story, I picked up on some awesome quotes that I found truly inspirational.  

  1. Most people have never been listened to. “Why” is the best question you can ask someone.

I liked this quote because it shows you how to establish an intimate conversation from human to human purely based on one word, “Why.” It makes a person dig deeper into what they are trying to communicate. Humans are egocentric beings. We like to talk about ourselves. But a lot of time we rarely are able to. Giving someone the opportunity to is priceless.


  • The American Dream is a failed experiment. If it works, we would have figured it out by now


Justin explain how the idea of “needing more” is ingrained into American society. No matter how much money we make, there is “Never Enough” to satisfy our lives. The “life plan” of first you complete high school. Then, you go to college. Then, you get a nice job. Then, you get married. Buy a house. Have kids. Buy a bug car. Fill your house with more and more objects doesn’t seem to satisfy what truly makes us happy. It has been proven many times in multiple studies but we never seem to get the point.


  • It’s really hard to change the world if you believe there is not enough money in the world


Similar to the quote above, if you believe that there isn’t enough money in the world, you are less likely to find that peace of mind and be able to change it. You won’t come to the realizations that others who have figured the system out have. He describes how those who do not have a ton of money, tend to take bigger risks. There isn’t as much on the table, so they are able to see things differently and just do.


  • Mentors are the lens of acquiring new information that you can’t see yourself.


I believe one of one time with a mentor is so crucial to solving problems and becoming a better person. Personally, my mother is my best friend. My rock. Every Time I have a issue, I go to her. She knows what is wrong because she understands my character and sees things from the outside. This is the reason I fell in love with Praxis. I love that time I spend figuring out my attributes and my challenges I am going to use/face when building my own business.


  • I am the cause of my own life.


This was my favorite quote Justin said. I’m extremely big on independance. You can’t become something big without putting yourself out there. To be good at something it takes a little bit of talent and a lot of hard work. If I want something, I’m going to go out at get it. Life doesn’t just get handed to you. The mental and physical energy you put in is essential for receiving the benefits.

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