In the past couple years, the libertarian movement has flourished into a information seeking and accepting party. I was first introduced to Libertarianism by my parents. They were both supporters of politicians like Gary Johnson and Ron Paul (technically republican but followed libertarian ideology). But what does being a libertarian mean?

In a 3 minute video called, “Libertarianism Explained: The Harm Principle – Learn Liberty”, Professor James Stacey Taylor explains the fundamentals of Libertarians. He discusses how libertarians practice the Harm Principle concocted by John Stuart Mill. The Harm Principle is this, “the only restriction on one’s ability to guide and direct themselves is the harm of another human being.” This is how libertarians govern themselves.

Professor Taylor gives a hypothetical of a man named Kemba Van Rye. Kemba lives in Brooklyn and like to sit out on his porch with a beer and hangout with his neighbors. One day Kemba is cited for drinking in public. He believes his citation is extremely unjust. He’s not harming anyone, only himself, therefore, The Harm Principle protects him.

I personally agree with the Harm Principle, but there are a number of people who do not. In the US, prevention is a common practice. You get a number of people who are the victims of something bad either by their own fault or from another and they feel the need to prevent others from it happening to anyone else. If you are a rational adult, you should be allowed to make your own decision about your doing. Then, if things go sour, you should be punished. Its that simple.

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