Last Saturday, I threw on my Harem pants, grabbed my yoga mat, and drove off to West Hollywood with my mother and sister in tow. Located off Highland Dr., Temple Days was a Do Lab Pre-Party that provided a commencement of the Temple of Consciousness aspect of Lightning in a Bottle.  The 12 hour event was filled with yoga guidance in the early afternoon, dance parties at night, and, my favorite part, tribe talks with influential speakers. The event was held at Wanderlust Hollywood, which is a yoga studio, equipped with a healthy food dining, space for physical activities, and an eccentric vibe. Surrounded by like-minded individuals, I entered the event with positive energy and a willingness for knowledge.

Since, the motivational speaking was my family and I’s primary goal to attend, we entered the festival around 3pm to see a channeling episode by the one and only Bashar. Darryl Anka channels an extraterrestrial being named Bashar who relays information about how humans can cure our world with simple mental fixes, the existence of everlasting life through energy, and secrets to becoming our ultimate self. The seminar was ran Question and Answer style. Darryl channels Bashar by a few minutes of meditation and lets this being communicate with his body while Darryl takes a small “nap”. This was the second interaction I have witnessed with Bashar’s wisdom. The first was two years ago located at Lightning in a Bottle’s Temple of Consciousness. Due to this bizarre way of education, it’s difficult for individuals outside of the burn community to believe in this phenomenon. When I explain it to someone, they look at me like I’m insane. It hard to imagine something like channeling is even real. But what I tell them is, you don’t have to believe in channeling. Just listen to the words being spoken by “Darryl”. He is eloquent, compelling, and provides interesting opinions on human nature.

After munching on healthy dishes, we ventured upstairs toward an ayurvedic lesson on conscious eating by Christina Urioste. Christina educated us on the Doshas & The Dharma of Food. She explained how the certain body types (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) react food, weather, and stress differently. We learned how to control our emotions based on the food that most helped our particular dosha. Pitta’s need calm cooling food like cucumbers or kale due to their fiery temper. Vata’s diet should consist of nuts, oils, and hot foods due to their dried and draining ways. Kapha’s should be introducing garlic, high fiber food, as well as spicy substances to give their life some spark. She explained that certain body types were susceptible to acting certain ways depending on how they lived their life.

The next seminar was a Ted talk of sorts with Dream Rockwell (one of the co-founders of Do Lab) and John Perkins (a government tattle-tale). They discussed the secrets of the US government regarding foreign policy, John Perkins connection with the Amazon natives called the Shuar, and how to take big companies down with collective awareness. The “economic hitman” they call him, discussed what his role was in dealing with other countries. The manipulation. The death sentences. The secret deals for US government gain. It was incredible to hear his stories and his truths.

Inspired by speakers and filled with healthy eats, we ventured south back home to reflect on new perspectives and progressive information.  

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