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Memorial Day Weekend Annual Bash: Hosted by Allesha Coleman

IMG_3845Memorial Day Weekend Annual Bash: Hosted by Allesha Coleman


Located at a private residence on the lake above Devil’s Cove, Allesha Coleman and friends threw their Annual Memorial Day Weekend Bash. Sponsored by Tito’s Vodka, the private mansion was equipped with endless pool, dock access, and a complimentary bar. If you were graced with an invitation, you would be drinking mixed Tito’s with high class women, wealthy Hedge Fund dad bods, NFL athletes, up-and-coming musicians, and more. While photographers snapped shots of plastic smiles and the swig of Tito’s branded cups, the music was in full flow produced by DJ Nicky Danger. Lasting all afternoon till dawn, groups headed downtown to celebrate with bottle service at West 6th bars and Summit.


Sunday May 30th 2016


2 million dollar private residence in Austin, TX above Devil’s Cove, Lake Travis.


To enter the residence from land, one required a gate code. Since there was a private dock, you could access the house from a path that lead you up a hill to the fun.


Restaurants were extremely nice and in abundance. Although, by the end of the afternoon, there wasn’t toilet paper left.


Located on a large property, if there wasn’t parking available in the spots at the house, there was parking for everyone lining the street.

How much money will you spend?

There was no cover but it was an exclusive event. Guests were expected to contribute in other ways (cleaning the house, helping with food preparation, bringing chasers,not being a pain in the ass).

AP Rating: 4.8 out of 5

What can they improve?

This was a Prada bag, plastic surgery, high class event. If you weren’t ready to look your best and be able to adapt to a high energy setting, you wouldn’t thrive. With money comes a decent amount of drama. Burners beware. Wealthy widows welcome.

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