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Month Two Module: Alain de Botton Podcast Inspiration

The first section of our second month of bootcamp each deemed intriguing information. For me, I was most inspired with Tim Ferris’s podcast with Alain de Botton. I reviewed the podcast 3 times, and each time I enjoyed his intellectual insights on emotional intelligence and gained valuable knowledge. The two points that attracted my curiosity the most was Alain’s admittance of his weaknesses as well as his ritual for disciplining his mind. He explained how one of his weaknesses is assuming people are reading his mind. This resonated with me because I have always struggled with communicating in relationships in my personal and professional life, especially those whom I hold most dear. An example of this would be communicating with a colleague on a project or maybe planning a date to get together with a friend. I know this is imperative for me to learn since “managing” people is something I’m going to have to learn to run any type of event. The ability to be specific on what, when, where, and why an idea is important is crucial to plan an event, maintain relationships, and to organize one’s aspirations.

Another inspiring point was Alain de Botton’s rituals or routines for living a productive life. He explained that he suffered from insomnia, which he called revenge for thoughts that didn’t receive a fair share of time to be thought of during his waking time. How he curbed this habit was taking time (either morning or night), writing down thoughts that were not being recognized fully. They could be a word, sentence, picture, etc… Although I do not suffer from insomnia, I had been doing research why I have periods of convoluted thought confusion. It is difficult to concentrate on projects, a mind wanderer. My mother says I “go off into my own little world”. My friends say “I am easily distracted”. I have been studying which ayurvedic dosha classifies most of my being. After some intellectual intuition and research, I came to the conclusion that I most resemble a “vata”. Vata personality has trouble with remembering material as well as solidifying thoughts. Alain de Botton’s ritual of writing down lingering thoughts, seems like an action that could help me focus completing deadlines and projects as well as coaching my mind to focus that time on letting it stray. If I can centralize these insights, I will able to accomplish my goal of running events as well finding intellectual sanity.

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