Would You Plug In?

As a young woman in her early 20s living a strange life in a different state, I understand the concept of improving day to day. I was born into a somewhat wealthy community and didn’t have to truly work for my living expenses. Now, it’s a different story. Since driving my truck down to Austin […]

X Games 2016

Description: Held in Austin for the last time, X Games 2016 was the place to be this weekend holding competitions, concerts, and vendors galore. The location was a beautiful widespread area with grass field, concrete pathways, a pond, large stands and a track.The games consisted of BMX, Motocross, and Skateboarding which were held in competitions […]

Does Math Exist? Ask Bashar.

There is a lot of discussion regarding the question: Does math really exist? I personally think this is a bullshit inquiry to be asking. I recently watched a video by PBS Idea Channel discussing why individuals felt this way. Other sciences tend to have a some substance to real world application. With Biology, it’s the […]

Political Bashing & The Myth of The Rule of Law

Political bashing is everywhere. Posts on social media. Discussions over dinner. Debates with other Praxis students. Yet, in this society, a free market and changed government is overlooked by the masses. In our philosophy module, there are two pieces of material that comment on this political confusion. The first is an article discussing George Orwell’s […]

Libertarians & The Harm Principle

In the past couple years, the libertarian movement has flourished into a information seeking and accepting party. I was first introduced to Libertarianism by my parents. They were both supporters of politicians like Gary Johnson and Ron Paul (technically republican but followed libertarian ideology). But what does being a libertarian mean? In a 3 minute […]