We are told Philosophy is the Love of Wisdom. The beginning of human’s search for the wisdom of the world started with philosophers such as Socrates. But it has changed a lot since then. Before we came up with the word Astronomy, it was just the philosophy of the stars. Before we came up with the word Psychology, it was just the philosophy of the mind. Will psychology continue to separate into different sub-sciences? And how has it progressed?

There are a lot of questions that question philosophy’s importance to understanding the world. Some anti-philosophers claim it to be a jargon of ideas not supported by facts. Yes, they use facts to understand the concepts questioned in a philosopher’s discussions, but not actually philosophy itself. They suggest the conclusions of these discussions don’t solve the problem rather are just words stated.

Maybe if we treated it more like a science similar to Aristotle and his six parts of philosophy, we could start accepting it as a means to cure the world of its wisdom in understanding those big questions. Up until the 20th century, we called “science” ultimately, philosophy. So why did that change? Back then, the definitions walked hand in hand. Now science is labeled as the better version of philosophy.

Will its reputation change from a filler elective class to a dignified job profession? Will it change from a imaginative science to a real one? This is several of the ultimate discussions that circle philosopher’s circles.

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