Located one hour east of San Diego, out in the middle of nowhere, an urban renegade took place two weekends ago. Hosted by Jacob Salazar and Eric Weaver, this 72-hour, non-stop, house/tech event proved to be quite the adventure. With fire spinning, holistic vendors, and a bring in-bring out camping experience, Planet Irth managed to capture the essence of a true underground event.



May 22-24th 2016



Garden of Eden was located a couple miles north of the mexican border, east of San Diego county. The event was held on a private property where cars were parked alongside the dirt driveway that circled the premis. There was a house in the center of the property which held several rooms for light shows, poy, food/beverage, and a underground stage. Around the vicinity, graphic art decorated the cement fence as well as a bonfire pit to keep warm.



Security was minimum. The entrance consisted of 3 volunteers asking for proof of admission and a warm smile to send you on your way towards the renegade. Our stuff wasn’t checked for illegal items as privacy and acceptance of other’s choices is how burners run their festivals.



There was a sufficient amount of porta potties outside closer to the camping area which were relatively clean. The house also had two bathrooms inside available for use.



Parking was simple. It was mandated by the owner of the property. As stated above, cars surrounded the north side of the property. Individuals were to camp in or near their cars. Personally, since we were one of the first to arrive, we got a stellar spot close to the central location.


How Much Money Will You Spend:

Admission to Planet Irth cost $25 per person. Since this was a camping experience, you had to supply yourself with food, beverage, camping gear, and any essentials needed. Since, I come from a family who used to camp often, my buddy and I had everything needed. The drive out there from North County San Diego was about a hour and a half, therefore, filling up the tank was needed.


What Can They Improve:

Overall, this event had an organization problem. An artist’s name was misspelled on the flyer. The location wasn’t clear. Set times were pushed back. If it were their first time managing one of these events, I would have been impressed. But I know this group had put on multiple events in the past. The kindness and acceptance of the underground burner community was present, but the execution of the actual festival was lacking.


AP Rating:

3.2 out of 5


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