Political Bashing & The Myth of The Rule of Law

Political bashing is everywhere. Posts on social media. Discussions over dinner. Debates with other Praxis students. Yet, in this society, a free market and changed government is overlooked by the masses. In our philosophy module, there are two pieces of material that comment on this political confusion.

The first is an article discussing George Orwell’s meaning of ‘doublethink’ in regards to our government’s policies today. Doublethink is the acceptance of believing contradictory beliefs at the same time. The author states that although society believes in an objective system, they also believe in a corrupt government, meaning, they blame congressman for their indecency, but also embody our justice system. He explains this is how doublethink works by suggesting this ideology called, “The Myth of The Rule of Law.” Is the reason we are trapped in a political bubble.

The second example is a TedX talk by Michael Huemer called, “The Irrationality of Politics” where he discusses the ridiculousness of the way government prioritizes policies. Huemer compares his belief to the War on Terror. He first compares deaths of terrorists attacks in the US vs deaths by murders (in general). After, he compares the number of terrorist attacks on civilians and military to the amount of foreign civilians. Here are the stats:

Americans who have been killed by terrorists: 3,245

US servicemen killed by terrorists: 6,280

Foreign civilians killed by the war on terror. 236,000

His point was that the political bashing has some validity to it. The US government has a weird way of prioritizing what’s important. The fact that we are killing 37 times more innocent people than the blood on our soil means our policy has got to change.

So what are we going to do about it? Those who understand this phenomenon are trying to change the country by providing information to the public via social media and alternative news. It is the informed’s job to make sure the truth is heard.

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