Selfie Sticks and the Libertarian Movement

While at X Games this weekend, I was fortunate enough to obtain a Press Pass. It was perfect. I could work in the press lounge then watch the events for a little. Then when it was time, I would walk back to document the information.

I wasn’t prepared like the rest of Press with their large DSLR cameras. Nor did even bring a small camera. My friend Drew was going to document everything for me. I was just their to capture the experience in my memories and write it all down. The only piece of technology I had was a $17 selfie stick I received as a going away present from a friend.

When I walked in the event, Drew stopped me,  “Put that in your bag, you can’t have that in here.”

“The Selfie Stick?” I replied.



“I don’t know, “ he admitted, “They just don’t allow it. They don’t allow you to take videos. You also need to have a DSLR camera so don’t bring out your phone.”

I thought this was absurd, so I decided to do some digging as to why these rules were installed. Apparently, it’s a “safety” issue and (like all rules) just another complication because someone complained.

Being a Libertarian, I am completely against the whole issue. The philosophy of libertarians is the belief that one should be able to act and do as they please as long as it’s not hurting another human being. Banning something that is inevitable is always a bad idea. Instead of prevention, it induces a black market. Tons of Individuals were recording videos of X Games athletes. I also saw multiple people who succeeded in sneaking selfie sticks into the vicinity. So why ban something that’s already going to happen? Why put restrictions on our freedoms?

I personally believe organizations, companies, and our government shouldn’t put restrictions on our freedoms. In the real world, it doesn’t make sense nor is it effective. So why is the practice of prevention so common? Answer?…Because it’s easier to control the masses.

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