To the religious-driven being, I would be considered an atheist. Is this a bad thing? Some would say so. Some would say I’m going to hell. As for what I believe in, I would consider myself spiritual but not religious. I believe religion creates this sense of close-mindedness. I’m not that way. Personally, I like to see other’s point of view. I truly believe the more you learn about other’s belief systems, the more you will understand the world and grow into a more powerful being.

I was baptized Catholic when I was a baby then switched to becoming Lutheran in my middle school years. To me, religion was a way to connect with other human beings through a shared belief system. One I started getting involved with burners, I began to see religion as a indoctrination of sorts. Unable to see past scripture. Unable to train their mind to undertake acceptance. It’s not that I don’t necessarily believe in “God”. I just believe there is a driving force that influences our worlds.

In a hot debate with Deepak Chopra and Bill O’Reilly, they have a philosophical discussion about science and religion. Chopra explains how the more we divulge into science, the more we have an appreciation for religion. He believes we are all connected to the source of an alternative being and that science has yet to discover those particular miracles.

I hope to be as mindful as Deepak Chopra. I hope to be able to see beyond matter-of-fact religious ideologies. I hope to be able to carry an intelligent discussion about religion without becoming too involved in my own beliefs.

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