Held on the Eastside of Austin, SprATX held a summer kick off party promoting their summer apparel line. From 6pm to 10pm, this small gathering reflected the vibe of East 6th. SprATX provided their guests with excellent music by KInG, drinks stubs for free drinks, snow cones between the hours of 6-8pm, and free “swag packs” for the first 50 guests. Amazing artists were promoted on the walls of the vicinity and auctioned off under a particular time frame. An array of mediums (spray paint, acrylic, jewelry, print, etc..) were used for the art displayed. Overall, I loved the atmosphere of this eccentric event.


Friday, June 10th, 2016



2400 East Cesar Chavez #316B

Austin, Texas 78702


Bouncers checked IDs to give wristbands defining guest’s age and handed out free drink stubs.


Restrooms were located in a corridor adjacent in the SprATX building. Clean, but small. There were only 2 stalls and not enough standing room for the traffic that needed to use the bathroom.


Since it was located on east Cesar Chavez (east 6th area), there was free parking around the neighborhood.

How Much Money Will You Spend?

This was a free entry event. 2 free drinks used with drink stubs were given when you walked into SprATX. But that only satisfies those with low tolerances or the DD of the group. Granted guests should tip the bartender with each drink.

AP Rating:

4.9 out of 5

What Can They Improve?

Honestly, this was the perfect small event. The quaint location, as well as the relaxed vibe seemed to accommodate guests very well. This wasn’t your upper class dine in or hectic music festival. It was a small event for a hip crowd and succeeded in capturing the Eastside art experience. Would have been fun to see a little more people in attendance but regardless it was decent group.

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