What make us truly happy?

This is question philosophers have been debating for thousands of years. Millions of articles have been written. Tons of films have circulated the internet. This Big Question has been a hot topic since it is a huge part in a human’s healthy life. It is the reason we act the way we act, choose the way we choose, and live our life.

In a video “What is Philosophy?” by The School of Life,  it states, “We are not really good at making ourselves happy.” Why is that? It seems human culture confuses us on what is truly important. Social media, advertisement, excessiveness of wealth, are just some of the reasons that distract us from focusing on the things that matter. Then what does make us happy?

There a is a common misconception that happiness stems from money. In a documentary called “Happy”, the best part of the film was a particular statistic that stated,

“The difference between someone who makes $5,000 a year to someone who makes $50,000 is dramatic, the difference between a person who earns $50,000 and $500,000 is not dramatic.”

This is why a slum dweller living in India whom is making just enough to live a comfortable life for he and his family can be so much happier than a millionaire’s son who has the world at his fingertips. Happiness stems from a person’s drive. The slum dweller has a drive to keep his family safe and healthy. The millionaire’s son doesn’t have a drive because he doesn’t have to work for anything.

What is your drive? What makes you angry vs what are you passionate about? What do you loose sleep about? How can you change that? Understanding these questions are a step in the right direction towards finding happiness.

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