The Philosophy of Sharing Food, Wine, & Drugs

Being a young woman in her 20s, wine nights with girlfriends are a common outing that is used for celebrating birthdays, graduations…or anything we can toast too. It’s the perfect event to catch up. 5 or 10 of your friends, new or old, coming together to appreciate good food, good drink, and good conversation about the latest gossip.

As Barry Smith states, in his podcast regarding the science, history, and fads of wine, “Wine is used to lubricate the discussion.” Barry believes wine can reflect the fundamental nature of why we are human. He claims wine has the capability to transform you if you allow yourself to do so. There is something magical about the way the smell, taste, and texture of 1800s bottle affects your body and mind. Furthermore, the act of sharing wine is a transformative experience.

I think the act of sharing anything is transformative. The act of sitting down at the dinner table and sharing food. The act of meeting up for cocktails. The act of sharing a good conversation. The act of sharing blow at an after party. To be honest,  I have made more connections/friends going out to the bars by sharing a substance than by sending an email to an executive. To obtain the value of those connections, you have to be present and experience another human’s energy. It can be extremely rewarding if you do it right. Pouring that first glass, jumpstarts the energy into a communal action. There is a reason we share bread and wine in the Christian religion. Connection is key in having people understand each other and make the world a better place.

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